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We specifically designed our Russian Moon Roast for those still up when the moon is bright, and the sun is sleeping like the rest of the world.

It's a White Russian-inspired coffee with a rich coffee liqueur taste that has that sweet hint of cream but without the ice.

Why We Did It

We combine vodka and rich coffee flavors to craft a unique caffeinated drink that will have you staying up long after everyone else has gone to bed.

First, our roasting process captures the superior taste of a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Then, we found how to capture that elusive taste into a cup, giving you a sophisticated coffee experience that will help you endure even the longest Monday nights.

The Russian Moon Flavor Profile

  • Creamy
  • Bold
  • Dessert Inspired
  • Coffee liqueur
  • Comforting
  • Midnight snack

Why You Need It

Maybe you work the night shift, possibly you work three jobs, or perhaps you've got a business to run. This experience is for when everyone else is wasting their time sleeping, and there's no one to disturb whatever you are doing, apart from the moonlight or passing cars.

If it helps, think of this flavored coffee as the motivation to get that work project done that has been hanging over you for far too long.


***Experience the duality of our Russian Moon Roast – an encapsulation of morning and night wrapped into one intoxicating sip!***

Russian Moon

White Russian Flavored Coffee

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