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Our Blood Moon Orange coffee flavor perfectly balances the tart, sweet, and citrusy essence of an orange, with the rich, creamy, and smooth flavor of chocolate! It's tart, sweet, and chocolaty undertones make it a perfect brew for any circumstance, time of day, or season! We've harnessed that familiar fragrant flavor that oranges produce, though, with much less of an acidic taste to keep the thick and creamy chocolate notes coming through.

This coffee is for those who are addicted to being on the grind and always hustling. Be you toiling late into the night amidst a flurry of projects and deadlines or simply looking for a velvety, energizing brew to start off your morning, the surprisingly unique combination of flavors perfectly embodies the organized chaos that most programmers, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs are engaged in on a daily basis!

Why Did We Choose Blood Moon Orange?

A chocolate-citrus-flavored coffee? The idea may sound off-putting initially, though don't be fooled - it's often in the most chaotic combinations that we find the greatest things! Our Blood Moon Orange coffee flavor is inspired by the astrological belief that blood Moons represent times of chaos, disorder, and transformation. Times in which legend says wolves (and werewolves) are thought to Howl at the moon! Though this is nothing more than folklore, one thing remains true- our Blood Moon Orange coffee has a deliciously chaotic combination of creamy, chocolaty goodness and sweet, citrusy orange flavors that'll surely get you baring your fangs!

The Blood Moon Orange Flavor Profile

  • Citrusy
  • Chocolaty
  • Smooth
  • Light Tartness
  • Light Sweetness
  • Rich
  • Creamy
  • Full-Bodied (Heavy)

Find Solace in Chaos With Our Blood Moon Orange Coffee

We've all found ourselves in situations to where we're in dire need of an energy boost! The situation can get gloomy when there's plenty of work to do, though not much drive left in you. Now you can find your second wind in a cup of our Blood Moon Orange coffee roast! The coffee is made to be enjoyably smooth so that you can get lost in your work and not worry about any bitter aftertastes. The rich chocolaty-citrus flavor is also perfect for winding down after a long day or night. No matter what kind of wolf you are or how you like to enjoy your coffee, you'll be sure to fall in love with our Blood Moon Orange!

*** As the Blood Moon rises - so does the wolves' determination and will to achieve success. The Alpha Addict pack aims to bring you coffee flavors, such as our citrusy and bold Blood Moon Orange, to give a unique experience and delicious boost of energy when times occasionally get chaotic! ***

Blood Moon Orange

Orange-Chocolate Flavored Coffee

Earn up to 15 Pack Points.

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