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Red Riding Hood

Red Velvet Cake has always been a popular dessert choice. That's why there's something about our new Red Riding Hood coffee that makes people happy. It's creamy, chocolatey, and slightly tart all at once. Pairing this with our amazing coffee beans means it's not too sweet so that you can pair it with your favorite breakfast meal. We've decided to release a red velvet flavored coffee that will let you enjoy that delicious flavor all day long!

Why We Decided On Red Velvet Cake Flavored Coffee

It's only natural to want dessert when you get up in the morning. It's why we always have a sweet tooth, and we can never say no to anything with chocolate. With this coffee, you'll be able to enjoy the flavor of red velvet cake throughout your day without feeling guilty. That's because it has the caffeine that lets you get things done! We know that Red Velvet Cake is a very popular flavor for desserts, so why not pair it with our fantastic coffee? We think you'll love it!

The Red Riding Hood Flavor Profile

  • Chocolatey & Creamy
  • Hints of Tartness
  • Slight Vanilla Taste
  • Buttermilk Tones

Why You Need A Red Velvet Flavored Coffee

Have you ever been tempted to have a cake for breakfast? You know, those times when you can't decide between that chocolate cake or a sweet and flaky pastry? Well, we've created the perfect solution - Our Red Riding Hood will give you all of those flavors without having to hit the gym right after. This coffee is sweet enough to enjoy as an afternoon snack, but it's not overwhelming, so it won't keep you from focusing on your day. All of our coffees are made with the best coffee beans, so you can trust that they're going to give you all of the flavor and caffeine you need.

***Experience the sweetness of our red velvet cake flavored coffee - a sweet treat, without all of the work! With its chocolatey vibes and delicious taste, it's the perfect way to enjoy a tasty dessert for breakfast. What's even better is that it will give you that boost you need all while staying on track with your goals.***

Red Riding Hood

Red Velvet Cake Flavored Coffee

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