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Our Howling Vanilla Roast is exceptionally crafted to help power-users stay awake and alert, all while they write scripts that make life easier! It's a french vanilla-inspired coffee that will keep you focused and alert.

Why We Did It

We wanted to create a coffee that would help tech junkies get things done more efficiently and stay awake in a unique way. So first, we found a way to capture vanilla's subtle warmth and paired that with a smooth but bold coffee bean. Then, we created a taste that would inspire programmers to write those scripts that keep things running efficiently.

The Howling Vanilla Flavor Profile

  • Vanilla
  • Mildly Sweet
  • Butterscotch
  • Bold
  • Comforting
  • Motivating

Why You Need It

Technology is such an integral part of our life nowadays. So we found it fitted to make a french vanilla coffee-inspired roast that held the same energy and vibrancy of the technology-related world. Working on computers all day long can lead to computer fatigue & increased stress levels. This flavored coffee is for when your eyes focus on the same line of code for hours, and you know there's more work to do.

***Experience the power of our Howling Vanilla Roast - an exhilarating coffee flavor to help power-users dive deeper into their work.***

Howling Vanilla

French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

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